Does He Like Me

Does He Like Me - webcomic - webtoon - manhwa

Two strangers meet in an awkward situation and end up becoming classmates. One is trying to solve the mystery of missing students on campus, while the other's real intentions are unknown.

Does He Like Me - webcomic - webtoon - manhwa


by LRRHam

Genre: Romance, Thriller


A new transfer student, Nico, joins your class and confuses you on whether he genuinely cares -- and possibly even likes you..

Or if he's a traitor in disguise.

You, your crush Stephen (the student rep), and other members of the student council have been investigating the case of missing students in your university’s dorm, only to find yourself suddenly waking up right in Nico's home with no memory of what happened before.

What do you do next?

That’s the dilemma of V, an incoming senior student in LIT University.

Status: New, Ongoing


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