Updated on: September 1, 2022

Some sections of this site may contain affiliate links that earn us a bit of commission when you sign up -- but at no additional cost to you.

Although this site is all about our journey in making comics and also features our own creations, our site is not suitable for younger audiences aged 13 and below. Parental guidance is highly advised.

Certain scenes in our webcomics that we deem explicit for the general public are cut out and excluded from this site. Uncensored versions are safely blocked on an entirely separate paywalled site [Patreon] where you need to confirm your age first as well as pay a tip before you're granted access.

Products or services explicitly stated as affiliate, sponsored, or featured in our review (bought from our own pockets), are tested and some are even regularly used by us, so we do our best to give honest feedback and reasonable advice when reviewing or recommending them. However, each of us has different personal circumstances. Please use your own discretion and always do further research as much as possible. Any content here doesn't serve as financial, legal, medical, or other professional advice.

Any regular automated ads showing up here which are beyond our control (and impossible to monitor 24/7) don't serve as personal endorsements from us. 

All logos and trademarks, such as (but not limited to) Webtoon, Tapas, and Webcomics App belong to their respective companies and are featured here for editorial and illustration purposes only.

Any names, characters, places, incidents, story, etc. featured in our webcomics are entirely fictional, and not intended as an exact and accurate portrayal and identification of real people and events. Any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental.


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