Tapas x Clip Studio Paint: Global Comic Awards 2024
If you've missed the 1st run of Global Comic Awards this year, now's your 2nd chance to join! [ New Deadline: July 1, 2024, 6:59pm GMT/UTC -- previously June 30.] 

What Makes You NOT Drop a Webcomic? - Tips in creating a webtoon

Have you ever wondered: What makes you not drop a webcomic? What makes it appealing in the first place? What makes you binge it, eagerly anticipate its next update, and excitedly read it until the end? Or if you're a webcomic artist, what makes you excited about creating your webcomic? What makes you endure the challenges of completing X amount number of panels every week for several weeks -- or even years -- until you're content about how it will end? 

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