Life After Grind Comics shows our journey in creating our own well, comics -- and hopefully along the way, this site can provide resources to others, particularly beginners, on how to create their own comics, whether it's the traditional printed ones or the trend nowadays: vertical-scrolling webcomics!

We're new in this endeavor and though we consider ourselves far (very faaaarrrr) from being experts, they said teaching someone is a great way to learn. So hopefully by doing this, we're able to digest comic creation lessons better and at the same time share our journey with YOU. 😺

For any inquiries you may contact us here or email us at comics [at]


Kitteh / SakuNekoArt

- webmaster of this site | INFJ | simps on fictional rich handsome 2D CEOs smart and kind guys with black hair and eerily similar personality like his significant other
- loves cats, caffeine, video games (previously into MMOs and survival games, but now prefers chill, laid-back simulation and RPGs, and occasionally FPS), tarot reading, and lately cooking


- mod/support | ISFP | loves playing around with tropes and cliffhangers
- loves hiking and staring at aesthetic skies, wants to breed snakes, a fellow Slytherin at heart, plays RPGs sometimes


- ruthless editor (if he has time) | INTJ | likes pink-haired waifus and secretly adores Vtuber singers
- loves strategy, shooters, and sandbox games; has profound knowledge in crypto, especially De-Fi's; updated in latest anime

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